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Enantioselective separation of amino acids as biomarkers indicating life in extraterrestrial environments


Traces of prebiotic amino acids, i.e., the building blocks of proteins, are excellent biomarkers that could provide evidence of extinct or extant life in extra-terrestrial environments. In particular, characterization of the enantiomeric excess of amino acids gives relevant information about the biotic or abiotic origin of molecules, because it is generally assumed ...

Supra-Earth affairs


The United Nations briefly considered the issue of extra-terrestrial intelligence at the 32nd session of the General Assembly in 1977. As a result, the Office of Outer Space Affairs was tasked to prepare a document on issues related to 'messages to extra-terrestrial civilizations', but this area has not been followed through in more recent times. This discussion ...

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Dr. Jasensky’s "Replacement Theory"

In the past 450 million years five major extinctions events almost wiped out life on Earth. Is the sixth extinctions upon us? According to Dr. Jasensky “Assiduous Replacement theory” (ART) the answer is yes. After each of the extinctions the life on earth was replaced by more advanced species. Dr. Jasensky replacement theory says that this time custodians of this planet will replace humans with more advanced being.

The new and mounting evidence supporting an imminent replacement event is coming from astronomers who are monitoring a giant cloud that is on collision course with our galaxy core, massive infection of all life forms in North America, increased terra-forming alien vessels sightings, as well as from alien abductees reports.

NASA’s Swift satellite monitors an enormous intergalactic gas cloud G2 that is on collision course with the Milky Way galactic core. Some scientists hypothesize that the collision can provoke the core outburst, the most energetic phenomenon in the universe. Such events occur between 13,000 and 26,000 years and were responsible for mass extinctions in the past. Physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette warns that there is about 7% likelihood of gamma rays burst happening in 2014 and over 90% of happening in next 400 years.

Another clue comes from non-profit Carnicom institute who analyzed chemtrails, a project in public known as US government geo-engineering effort to stop the global warming. According to the institute’s scientists it is much more than that. The scientists isolated an unknown, most likely bio-engineered bacterium that is infecting all life forms in North America, from plants, animals to people. The bacteria are known to constantly produce nano-fibers and does not affect organism directly. Dr. Jasensky postulate that atmospheric spraying is not a nefarious governmental plot but despite the environmental damage, an effort to preserve life in an upcoming catastrophic event. All “infected” life forms submerged in an atmosphere rich with nanoparticles of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals would be more likely to survive the upcoming catastrophic event.

An increased visitation of alien terraforming ships is very likely related to this forthcoming event. In addition, most of the alien abductees have been given messages about custodians concern about human’s devastating effect on the diversity of life on Earth. According to Dr. Jasensky’s theory, this is one more reason that human kind will be replaced rather sooner than later. When Homo Sapiens was introduced to Erath ecosystem, about 100,000 years ago, due to its violent nature it eradicated other hominid species like Neanderthals and Homo Erectus. There is a concern that in the event of catastrophic Earth changes humans might destruct the planet.


At this moment, Dr. Jasensky could hypothesize that due to expected Sun changes and high radiation level in the Earth’s atmosphere new sapient species will be aquatic, less violent and with superior intelligence to humans. Hopefully this will give a chance to human survivors to die off gracefully as a species.